08/07/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

The Legacy of Steve McNair... A Good Man Just Not Perfect

Football great and even better person, Steve McNair violently lost his life amid circumstances that will undoubtedly tarnish his public image.

But should it?

I know that despite what I write many people will be too consumed with venom to consider my words. I will be instantly vilified when I don't jump on the band wagon and condemn Steve McNair as a horrible adulterer. Steve McNair, a man that in the minds of many (as ridiculous as it may be) honestly feel "that he got what he deserved".

I am sorry. I do not condone cheating on your spouse but neither he nor Ms. Kazemi deserved such a horrific end.

I am not a friend of Steve McNair's. I only met him in passing. But I am familiar with several of his former teammates. On occasion for one reason or another before the miserable events of the past weekend, Steve's name would come up and the worst thing that I ever heard about Steve McNair was "Man, that's a good dude"!

People, many of which are current or retired professional athletes couldn't say enough genuinely nice things about the young man. And for those that don't spend much off the record casual time around pro athletes let me tell you for the most part praise is hard to come by. I don't think that it would be a mischaracterization to state that Steve McNair was universally liked and respected by his peers.

Professional athletes and other celebrities should be viewed as talented human beings and not gods worthy of worship. And as all human beings they will inevitably make mistakes... nothing more nothing less.

Steve McNair's poor decision has apparently played some part in the loss of his and Ms. Kazemi's lives. Should his lifetime of good deeds now be considered worthless? Should he be forever portrayed as a villain that met his demise involved in some sorted tale?

I will take the road less traveled and side with the quiet minority. Steve McNair was a good man that made a poor decision. He should be remembered for all of the good that he did and the many people that he influenced in a positive manner.