03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Two Concussions in Three Weeks ... What Should NFL's Brian Westbrook Do Now?

I was encouraged while I watched NFL running back Brian Westbrook, the Philadelphia Eagles organization and medical staff take their time in allowing his return to live competition, after his week 7 concussion.  I viewed it as progress and an encouraging sign that the message of concussion safety was finally gaining traction. 

The NFL and other concerned parties have worked diligently to get the message out.  Unfortunately, Westbrook's second concussion in just a few weeks has highlighted what was once a controversial premise.

Sustaining a concussion makes one more susceptible to another concussion.

Many experts stated that this was just not the case, despite overwhelming information to the contrary.  I must refer to it as information and not proof or fact because conducting a study to answer that question scientifically is very difficult. 

Over time, many if not most of those involved with concussion research and safety have come to accept that experiencing a concussion may make one's brain more susceptible to sustaining another.  It also seems that the force required for subsequent concussions becomes less and less with each incident.

In Brian Westbrook's first game back, his day was ended when he sustained another violent concussion. 

Now what does he do?

I wish I knew.