08/21/2010 05:34 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Traveler Attempts to Go Around the World in 42 days... With no Bags!

We've all fantasized about going on an around-the-world trip but would you do it without a single bag? That's exactly what travel author Rolf Potts is attempting do on his six-week trip starting Saturday, August 21st. No, he won't be wearing the same shirt or boxer shorts every day; instead he'll be packing them in his clothing line.

For years I've touted the benefits of packing light and not checking bags. In fact, I've been preaching that it's the only way to travel to all my friends, family and readers for a long time. But this publicity stunt for SCOTTEVEST Travel Clothing (SeV) is taking it to the next level. SeV is known for clever clothing designs with multiple pockets (and I'm talking multiple!); some jackets have 17 pockets or more, including one for an iPad. And Sev is helping send Potts around the world without bags.

I instantly became a fan of SeV when they sent me a jacket to test out last year because you essentially wear your carry-on bag. I really appreciated my jacket immediately after the attempted terrorist attack on Christmas Day aboard a Northwest/Delta plane near Detroit, as the TSA briefly instituted a no carry-on rule. I always make sure my jacket is filled when I'm flying an airline (usually a low-fare European carrier) that I know weighs carry-ons at check-in because they have ridiculously low and strict weight limits.

What's nice about being able to put your clothes/gear/gadgets in your clothes is that the average traveler can avoid the extra bag fees, which obviously saves money and time. Potts, a respected travel writer from Kansas, who is the author of Vagabonding: An Uncommon Guide to the Art of Long-Term World Travel and has reported from more than 60 countries for the likes of National Geographic Traveler, New York Times Magazine and the Travel Channel is departing from New York on the first leg of the six-week No Baggage Challenge starting Saturday, August 21st.

His only companion will be a videographer/producer to help him document the challenge and CEO & Founder Scott Jordan explains, "We don't believe that a true around-the-world trip without bags has ever been successfully completed, let alone professionally documented."

Potts and his traveling companion will share the six-week journey through frequent updates in video, photos and text at Viewers can follow them as they make the trek from New York to Paris, from Cairo to South Africa, and from Bangkok to New Zealand before returning back to New York City via Los Angeles.

When asked about traveling with no bags, Potts says, "On this trip, I believe it's better to pack an open-minded attitude than a suitcase full of dubiously useful gear. And SeV is the ideal outfitter for that kind of journey."

To see exactly what Rolf Potts' clothing will look like, check out this diagram. My question is: Can he really travel around the world without baggage and would you want to try?