01/17/2012 02:56 pm ET Updated Mar 18, 2012

The Roots Of Beauty: What's Your Story?

Everyone seems to have at least one bit of beauty advice, a must-try product recommendation, a homemade recipe or a personal beauty memory to share. During our years in the beauty industry as beauty editor and makeup artist, we've met hundreds of incredible women (and men!) who forever fascinate us with their wisdom about caring for our inner and outer beauty. So much of this beauty knowledge and tradition has been passed down through families and cultures around the world, in places where not all of us have the opportunity to travel. So we chose to share some of these amazing stories with you, in a new weekly feature called The Roots of Beauty.

Each profile we publish is a snapshot from a new corner of the globe, from Mexico to Brazil and the U.S. And while the cultural traditions in every profile may be unique, the underlying message is the same: There is immense value to the role that beauty plays in our lives, both as individual and as a collective. If you haven't thought that deeply about the way you cleanse your face or the lip balm you pick up at the drugstore, these profiles might give you a new perspective on your usual beauty routine. And they'll certainly give you unique beauty ideas to incorporate as you see fit.

Because natural beauty is a special passion of ours (Karim founded Better Organic Choice, while Jolene created Beauty Is Wellness), you'll see a strong focus on getting back to nature by sharing and preserving beauty traditions that relate to natural ingredients, like fruits, vegetables and essential oils... So what's your beauty story? If our natural perspective piques your interest for sharing your beauty story, let us know!

In the coming weeks, you'll meet models, mothers, current and former cosmetic industry executives, health gurus, artists and entrepreneurs. Each and every one of them has a unique story to tell. And each and every one of them is beautiful.