06/17/2013 01:25 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

A-Sides with Jon Chattman: You, I, and the Crystal Fighters

I spent yesterday afternoon strolling my toddler to get him to nap. When he wouldn't (or couldn't - it depends who you ask), I ran the base paths at a nearby park with him clenched to my chest. He had no clue what was going on, but he had a huge grin across his face. Later in the day, we swayed on a nearby park swing, and - as he pressed his face against mine - we watched (and pointed) at an airplane passing us by in the blue sky. All the while, I had the latest single by Crystal Fighters spinning in my head. "You & I" is the kind of track Bob Marley might've written had he still been around today. Check these lyrics out:

Fly like magic
No sleep, no chance, no need
Forget about it
One life, live free, big dreams
What about them?
You finally, take it, take it in it's all here
You and me, no one else, nothing else but us right now

The song was the soundtrack to my Father's Day, and will continue to be an inspiring anthem for me all summer long as I try to detox from weekly work grinds and chronic obsessions with texting, Facebook, and web hits. Speaking of which, and getting off the personal stuff, the British/Spanish alt-dance band's entire sophomore effort Cave Rave is a breath of fresh air. Their upbeat follow-up to their well-received debut Star of Love, is bursting with so much life and euphoria. On May 31, the band (Gilbert Vierich, Sebastian Pringle, Laure Stockley, Graham Dickson, Mimi Borelli) stopped by Garcia's at The Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, NY to film an A-Sides session. Watch their special ukelele rendition of "You & I" below plus an interview with Vierich, Pringle, and Dickson. Dickson, by the way, is among the only Deadheads in the band. I say that only because the place we filmed at is a mecca for all things Jerry Garcia! In any event, enjoy the track and chat below. Catch them on tour as well --
(They perform tonight at SAT in Montreal, tomorrow at The Sinclair in Cambridge, MA and Wednesday at Webster Hall in NYC). Oh, and be sure to check out A-Sides this week for their exclusive performance of "L.A. Calling!" Watch. Listen. Love.


"You & I"

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