07/07/2010 12:49 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

OneRepublic Singer Talks Touring and Songwriting in Vegas

Way too many bands milk their first hit single for as long as they can, and spew out copycats for the rest of their careers. It's impossible to throw that all-too-true generalization Ryan Tedder's way. The OneRepublic frontman and songwriter is only interested in creating new music, and having a career that challenges him. Yep, that means no "Apologize Part 2," people.

Aside from fronting one of the biggest pop acts around now ("All the Right Moves" anyone?), Tedder stays busy as an in-demand songwriter. I could run through the list of talent he's worked with, but it will depress you and make you hate your day job even more. Let me just say he co-wrote Leona Lewis' "Bleeding Love" and is responsible for giving Beyonce her "Halo."

Literally moments before he took the stage "beachside" at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, I joined Tedder on his tour bus and asked about his goals, overall work ethic, and whether he plans on taking time off soon after touring with the band and openers Alpha Rev this summer. Yeah, right.

See the interview and OneRepublic's new music video below:

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