06/03/2010 01:04 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Super Danica Patrick Kart? Driver Has New Game, Makes Super Mario Sounds

As if being a groundbreaking auto racer, successful model (find me a mens' magazine that hasn't featured her in some capacity), occasional actress (you know you watched that "CSI" ep), and Super Bowl commercial regular (Sorry Betty White), weren't enough, Danica Patrick's branching into the gaming industry. Watch out, Wario.

Patrick recorded voice overs and appears in Blur, a new auto racing game by ActiVision available for XBox, PlayStation3, and Windows (out this week) that makes Super Mario Kart seem as challenging and visually pleasing as the original Duck Hunt. The game uses real car models and allows up to four players to conquer their enemies a la Spy Hunter back in the day in regular and career mode. There's also a social networking and online component to it, which is pretty damn swell.

But, you didn't really expect Patrick's first foray into the gaming world to be a ho-hum 8-bit experience did you? Whether it's becoming the first woman to win an Indy race or appearing in those aforementioned Go Daddy ads, everything Patrick's done since she burst onto the scene has been to infinity and beyond.

I spoke with the hottest NASCAR racer (with or without a 'stache), and asked her about the game, her favorite video game (cue Super Mario Bros. her upcoming Indy race, and what life will look like post-track. Woohoo... Trailer: