02/07/2006 09:24 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

How to Make Something Contagious

The Contagious Festival is in full swing but it is still far from clear who will win the People's Choice Award at the end of the month. Right now a rapping ostrich is in the lead, a hilarious animated spoof on wire tapping is a strong second, and there are several other excellent projects that have the potential to really take off in the next few weeks.


You have the power to determine the winner. I encourage you to visit the Contagous Festival site and look at the entries. Don't just look at the top rated entries because you might find a gem further down in the rankings. After previewing the creative projects, pick one or two that you want to win. Then promote the project by emailing or IMing a link to your friends. You can do this with the "Send To Friends" link in the footer of the entry or by copying the web address and pasting it into an email or IM. The site with the most unique visitors at the end of the month will win the prize.

Since contagious media spreads through word-of-mouth, sharing the project with your friends is the best way to promote the entry you want to win. In fact, the most viral web projects in history have all started with people sharing something with their friends because they think it is funny, politically important, shocking, or entertaining. At first this process was mysterious but now we are more aware of the power of "6 degrees of separation" and social networks. The Contagious Festival gives everyone a chance to play with these concepts, either by entering a project or by attempting to start a chain reaction by telling friends about a favorite entry.

Of course, you can also submit your own work to the Contagious Festival. You have the option of joining the February contest that is already in progress or registering for March when the Festival site will present a new set of creative projects. You can sign up here.

Good luck to all the contestants and congratualtions on the great work thus far.