02/17/2015 03:32 pm ET Updated Apr 18, 2015

Be Unafraid

Cadalpe via Getty Images

I'm touring in Denmark with the Danish band The Sentimentals. Several people have contacted me about the shootings in Copenhagen. Thank you for your concern. We are safe in the north of Denmark and the killer has been killed in the Nørrebro ("north bridge") neighborhood of Copenhagen.

In the Danish capitol, parents regularly leave their children in strollers on the sidewalk and go inside to shop. Thousands of bicycles sit out on the street at night with nothing more than a wheel lock. It's not that there's nothing to fear. The Danes simply refuse to be afraid.

After the first shooting, where the killer unsuccessfully attempted to storm his way into a debate on art, blasphemy, and freedom of speech, debate organizer Helle Merete Brix told TV2 News, "People actually reacted very calmly, and the meeting continued. We could not get away, so we continued our discussion."

The terrorist is a failure. He is a failure to his employers, a failure to the human race, and a failure to God. He was not defeated by a bullet. He was defeated before his death by the determination of the Danish people to be unafraid.

Be unafraid, people. Fear is the Devil's only power.

Your fan,