10/27/2013 12:39 am ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

Divoom Bluetune Bean Review (Bluetooth Speaker)

Small speaker, short review. The Divoom Bluetune Bean (various colors) is a bargain-priced unit that still manages to appeal. It's a palm-sized unit shaped sort of like a jelly bean, clad in thick soft silicone rubber and with an aluminum ring to which you can clip a carabineer (included). That makes it a nice unit for hiking, if you like to rock out while contemplating the hush and stillness of nature.
But be aware, the small size and low price come with compromises. First and foremost, there's virtually no bass to this unit at all. None.
Second, though less of a problem, there are no volume or track skip buttons on the speaker. You have to use the controls on your phone or tablet. (The speaker can get fairly loud before distortion sets in.) The only controls on the speaker itself are an on/off button and a play/pause button that also allows you to answer or hang up calls. Speakerphone quality was not great, as is often a problem with Bluetooth speakers. The speaker charges using a standard micro USB cable (the cable is included, while a charger is not).
The soft and colorful silicone rubber and contrasting anodized aluminum ring make this a visually and tactilely appealing unit. The sound is adequate and the price is low. All that makes this a great stocking stuffer for preteens, while older kids, not to mention adults, will probably prefer something with a bit more bass.
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Disclosure: The manufacturer provided product for this review.