10/26/2013 03:44 pm ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

JBL Flip Review; JBL Charge Review

If you want a stereo Bluetooth speaker, the handsome JBL Flip (available in black and in white) is a great choice. It really moves air - translation: great bass - and doesn't distort even at the shockingly high max volume, suitable for parties. This unit uses a charger with an old-style round plug rather than a USB plug charger; this is frustrating, because it means carrying an additional cable. There are no track skip buttons; a minor point. Still, JBL is noted for high quality speakers, and this unit does not disappoint in that regard.
The Flip is a speakerphone as well as a speaker, but the sound on the other end is a bit muffled. Also, although you can answer the phone by pressing the phone button on the speaker, I found it was not possible to hang up the phone this way on the Samsung Galaxy S4. Presumably it will work properly with older phones; the S4 uses Bluetooth 4.0, and I'm guessing this is a compatibility glitch.
JBL also offers a unit at a higher price with similar sound but fewer features (no speakerphone): the JBL Charge, available in your choice of boring grey or fun lets-go-to-the-beach green or blue. Unlike the Flip, it charges using a USB charger; it also has a USB out charging port so you can use the unit to charge your phone. According to the specs, you get 12 hours of listening time from the Charge vs. 5 hours from the Flip. Perhaps that accounts for the price difference. Once again, the unit offers great JBL-quality sound. Also, both the Flip and the Charge have aux in jacks.
If you're looking for great sound, the two JBL units are solid choices that won't disappoint.
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Disclosure: The manufacturer provided product for this review.