10/26/2013 11:56 pm ET Updated Dec 26, 2013

NudeAudio Move M Review

Separated at birth? Yes, the NudeAudio Move M Bluetooth speaker (gray/mint) and Avon soap on a rope look almost identical, and they're both more fun if you're naked, but there are differences. For instance, the soap is made to get wet. The speaker isn't.
The soap, on the other hand, doesn't pump out tunes. The speaker does. The soap can get you squeaky clean, but that's about it as far as sonic capabilities go.
But let's take a closer look - and listen - to the speaker. The sound is good, but not exceptional: the device is somewhat light on bass, and tends to distort at higher volumes. I had hoped for better. On the other hand, the sound is by no means tinny, and if you want easy portability at an accessible price, this may be the unit for you.
Build quality is great, and the minimalist design is attractive. The case is thick silicone rubber (the grille is metal) and should be protective if you accidentally drop the device. There is an on/off button, a separate Bluetooth pairing button and volume up/down, but no track skip buttons. The unit also has an aux in jack. In addition, the device can function as a speakerphone, though the party on the other end in my test call said the sound was muffled, a common problem when using Bluetooth speakers as speakerphones.
The Move M charges using a standard micro USB cable; a cable is included, but not a charger, so you'll want to use the one that came with your phone, for instance. Also in the box is a fabric carry bag.
All in all, the NudeAudio Move M Bluetooth speaker (gray/mint, black/coral) is an attractive, conveniently portable device with good sound at an affordable price. The "M" stands for medium, by the way. There are also small and large speakers available (not tested).
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Disclosure: The manufacturer provided product for this review.