02/16/2011 11:19 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Rethink Review: Just Go With It -- It's a Trap!

Depending on which TV shows you're watching, you'll get very different impressions of what kind of a movie last week's box office champ Just Go With It is. If you're a guy watching typically guy stuff, the commercials you're seeing would have you believe that Just Go With It is for you. After all, it stars Adam Sandler, the reigning king of juvenile male comedy, getting struck in the nuts, behaving badly and drooling over Sports Illustrated swimsuit stunner Brooklyn Decker wearing next to nothing. But if you're a woman watching female-oriented shows, you might think Just Go With It is aimed at a female audience, proven by the presence of Jennifer Aniston, arguably the reigning queen of romcoms and someone women love to root for, admire and sympathize with both in movies and in real life.

This confusion is evidence of a clever, some (like me) would say cynical, ad campaign designed to trick guys into volunteering to see what is not only a romcom, but a truly horrific one that people of any gender should avoid. It's also further proof that the romantic comedy as a genre, with all its contrivances and predictability, needs to be reinvented or simply put down.

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