02/08/2007 12:39 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Support the Troops By Listening to Them, see Operation Homecoming

Our country is quickly approaching the fourth anniversary of the War in Iraq and our brave men and women in uniform have been carrying the tremendous burden of this fight. As an Iraq veteran, it is uplifting to witness American citizens beginning to awaken to incredible investment our nation is making in this war. No one understands this, or has as much invested, as the soldiers themselves. I just finished watching the soon to be released film Operation Homecoming and believe that it is a film all Americans should see.

Less than one percent of Americans have worn a uniform in this war and, as a result, most citizens do not have a cousin or neighbor who can provide a window into Iraq that only the soldiers who served there can provide. Richard Robbins captures the voices of these men and women returning from Iraq through their own words and shines a light on their experiences through the voice of some powerful actors.

If you are in or around New York City on Friday, February 9th, you should go Film Forum (209 West Houston Street) and check this film out. If you are not in NYC, then watch Operation Homecoming when it airs on PBS this April. This is your chance to support the troops by listening to their experiences so you can learn about this war from the people who have been there.