06/07/2012 01:05 pm ET Updated Aug 07, 2012

Occupying Consciousness: Spiritual Activism 2.0

The Evolver Social Movement has just released a free e-book anthology examining the unprecedented spiritual activism of the Occupy Movement. Featuring writers like media guru Doug Rushkoff, Yale anthropology associate professor David Graeber, "Fifth Sacred Thing" author Starhawk and British comedian/actor Russell Brand, "OCCUPY CONSCIOUSNESS: Essays on the Global Insurrection" explores the culture, mythology, possibilities and spiritual awakening of this nascent movement. The book, edited by my Evolver colleague and bestselling "2012" author Daniel Pinchbeck and Reality Sandwich Associate Editor Mitch Mignano, covers topics ranging from "Occupying Gaia" to interfaith coalition building, "Metta-tations for the 100 Percent" to the ongoing evolution of the mediasphere, sacred economics to strategic nonviolent direct action.

According to Pinchbeck, "These pieces offer an essential perspective on the true significance of Occupy -- not a protest movement essentially, but a harbinger of a new way of being."

HuffPost readers can download the free e-book at Reality Sandwich.

"Is this movement's implicit goal to re-engage our humanity? To reach beyond the political, the national and other illusory, temporary concepts and into our true, spiritual nature?" --Russell Brand

"Direct action is, ultimately, the defiant insistence on acting as if one is already free." --David Graeber.

"The transition we are called to make goes far beyond incremental policy changes within the current system, positive though such changes might be. We are called to re- imagine and re-create our world around fundamentally new organizing principles. The old world is essentially on life support in any case. Our choice really is to participate consciously in the birth of the new era, or to have it forcibly and painfully delivered to us." --David Nicol

This anthology is available as a free gift from the Evolver Social Movement. In exchange, we ask that you consider making a contribution to our non-profit initiative, which organizes 40+ local chapters transforming their communities.