11/15/2007 01:08 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Bernie and Judy

Rudy Giuliani's federally indicted friend, Bernie Kerik, along with his former lover, the prolific publisher of tripe and sexploitation, Judy Regan, are now fixtures in our political discourse.

Judy Regan's recent lawsuit against New Corps, the parent conglomerate of Fox News and HarperCollins Books, alleges that Roger Ailes, the pugnacious Republican attack dog who runs Fox News, (whose wedding Rudy Giuliani presided over), and other zany characters from Murdoch-Land launched a "smear" campaign against her. (Can you imagine Fox smearing anybody? I'm shocked!)

Regan's $100 million lawsuit alleges that sleazebags at News Corps conspired to smear her after her brilliant O.J. Simpson book, If I Did It, was slammed in the mainstream media. Regan is clearly a visionary with her finger on the pulse of the popular culture's obsession with all things O.J. If the O.J. book went forward HarperCollins and ReganBooks right now would be getting all sorts of free publicity from the breathless corporate media coverage of O.J.'s latest crimes and trial. Wouldn't that be sweet for Murdoch? He could sit back and watch as MSNBC, CNN, and all the networks provided millions of dollars worth of free publicity for a book that would swell the profits of New Corps. Swwweeeeeet!

But, alas, it was not to be.

Instead, some news outlets are focusing on Judy Regan's passionate love affair with the virile, swashbuckling Bernie Kerik, instead of on the much more important news of Regan's law suit and Kerik's 14-count indictment.

The story of Bernie and Judy's trysts inside the Manhattan apartment near Ground Zero right after 9/11 would make a great potboiler. It could be a best-selling corset-buster romance novel. It has all of the hallmarks of a Judy Regan publishing success: danger, rough "end-of-the world" sex, illicit undertones since Bernie was married with a pregnant wife at home, exhilaration at being caught in the act by those pesky, exhausted 9/11 rescue workers who wanted to use the apartment for its intended purpose, the oodles of cash coming in from their joint book project, the aphrodisiac of power emanating from their loins, etc. It could also be a made-for-TV movie or docu-drama. I hope when the writers come back victorious from their strike that we can sit back and see this dramatic rendering, at least on the Lifetime or Oxygen channels.