11/05/2013 03:20 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Terra Nova: New Earth


Hawaii, where the planet actively creates new land mass on a daily basis... literally new earth.
What better place than Hawaii to base a blog dealing with new perspectives, approaches, tools and paradigms for sustaining a viable, global ecosystem?

The blog proceeds from established fact, based on incontrovertible evidence, that the global ecosystem is critically out of balance... that this imbalance is the result of environmentally destructive human activity.

(CNN, Fri 9/27/13):

"Even if we end emission tomorrow, climate change could continue for centuries. This may be one of the more harrowing findings in the report, as it suggests we're too far gone to effect any meaningful change in our lifetimes... This may be one of the more harrowing findings in the report, as it suggests we're too far gone to effect any meaningful change in our lifetimes... 'Many aspects of climate change will persist for centuries even if concentrations of greenhouse gases are stabilized. This represents a multicentury commitment created by human activities today,' the report states."

(Reuters, Thu Oct 17, 2013 11:40am EDT): "The air we breathe is laced with cancer-causing substances and is being officially classified as carcinogenic to humans, the World Health Organization's cancer agency said on Thursday."

(The New York Times, Oct 9, 2013):

"Scientists from the University of Hawaii at Manoa calculated that 'if greenhouse emissions continue their steady escalation, temperatures across most of the earth will rise to levels with no recorded precedent by the middle of this century... Unprecedented climates will arrive even sooner in the tropics, Dr. Mora's group predicts, putting increasing stress on human societies there, on the coral reefs that supply millions of people with fish, and on the world's greatest forests.'

(Bloomberg, Oct 8, 2013):

"Water scarcity will increase around the world due to climate change, with more than 500 million people affected if mean global warming is limited to 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit), based on modeling studies by the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, or PIK... 'Our findings support the assertion that we are fundamentally destabilizing our natural systems,' Wolfgang Lucht, one of the study co-authors, was cited as saying in the statement. 'We are leaving the world as we know it.'"

These realities are merely the tip of the iceberg. Can the momentum of human caused ecological decline be broken? What lies beneath the surface? What fuels the engine of human destructive behavior?

It is the intent of the blogger, that information shared, exchanged and aired on this site will attract increasing numbers of participants and readers, ultimately adding a positive dynamic to the general awakening of people to the reality of their indisputable, essential connection to and inclusion in the living tissue of nature. It is felt that there is a rapidly growing shift toward this awakening and a corresponding, escalating appetite for instruments of positive change and survival.

These views can be explored more fully in Joseph Carlisi's book, Playing God on the Eve of Extinction.