05/23/2010 10:25 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Fine, I'll Give This 'Lost' Show a Try

I remember catching the "Lost" pilot when it first aired in the early aughts -- my how time flies! -- and that I changed the channel about 5 minutes in.

Being a sensitive television viewer, I just wasn't up for a harrowing doomed-airliner experience that didn't involve Leslie Nielsen. (I probably flipped to a rerun of "Felicity" -- can you believe they would just cut short a J.J. Abrams show like that? And with so much unresolved! But I digress.)

Years went by, and I never again occasioned upon the "Lost" television program. (Not for lack of trying. The first time I landed on "Lost" and started really getting into it, it turned out to be "Gilligan's Island." Another time I watched three episodes in a row and figured I was catching on ... but that was actually "Survivor.")

Well, tonight, I will be front-and-center for this episode of "Lost," because dang if the hype chorus isn't at full throttle.

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