11/11/2010 12:04 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Should the U.S. Crack Down on Happy Meals?

Josh Ozersky at

Last week's elections may have seemed like a repudiation of liberalism, but the San Francisco board of supervisors appeared unfazed. The city's governing body went ahead and fired a bunker buster into the Happy Meal, decreeing that restaurants cannot put free toys in meals that exceed set thresholds for calories, sugar or fat. Libertarians are livid, parents are peeved and even advocates of healthier fast food think the ban will be counterproductive. "One of the reasons why the healthy-eating lobby still meets with such resistance is that it is seen as a conspiracy of killjoys and nanny-statists trying to force us to give up everything fun and delicious and to eat wet dishcloths instead," notes Henry Dimbleby, whose health-minded Leon chain in Britain serves kids' meals with a side of rice and peas along with a badge, sticker and activity book. "Now they want to steal our children's toys too?"

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