01/03/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Amsterdam Screenings a Hit: New Cities Open this Week

Fuel is the opening film at the Santa Fe Film Festival on Wed Dec. 3rd at 7pm followed by a Q&A with Josh Tickell and Rebecca Harrell.

Here's a recap of the Fuel Amsterdam adventure: We were all curious to see how Fuel would play to a continental European audience, and especially an audience that has one of the best annual documentary film festivals in the world. Essentially Fuel rocked Amsterdam. Instead of the average 30-45 minute Q & A after the film that we have here in the States, the average Q & A in Amsterdam was 2 hours. Our longest one was 3 hours! Greenpeace (which is headquartered in Amsterdam) even sent a representative to watch the movie and she gave an 'official endorsement.' For a film that has been accused of being "too American" and even "overly patriotic" in its imagery and point of view, Fuel played exceptionally well to a very diverse European audience.

There's nothing that makes me appreciate the United States more than traveling abroad. Another thing we realized while in the Netherlands is just how much our "can do" American attitude could be the very thing that pulls the world out of its economic slump. While some countries may be more stuck in their ways, our cowboy-esque approach to dealing with what seem like insurmountable problems might just be the key to unlocking our world-wide petroleum dependence. Fuel tells this story, and, while we thoroughly enjoyed our time abroad, I'm more proud than ever to say, that Fuel tells it from an American perspective.

Fuel did well in Portland, Seattle and Austin and now it's on to new theaters in Portland and Seattle and onto new cities in the Northwest and Texas. Fuel is about to open in Yelm, Olympia, Bend and San Antonio. We're also doing some limited school screenings in and around those cities - so fill out the school screening request form if you live in one of these cities and want to bring Fuel to your school.

And just a hint of the good news to come - Fuel has locked theaters and dates for its theatrical openings in NY and LA. More info soon!