06/12/2009 04:07 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Economic Stimulus: Biodiesels as Giveaways Could Build Community, Consumer Awareness

Big 3 Buyout - Eat your heart out, America, our government is back in control. How many biodiesels could we put on the road with the $15-30 billion the Big 3 Auto Monsters are going to receive? Let's tell Congress how many! We need statistics: how much do average algae-diesel/bio-diesel automobiles cost? How much does it cost to build an algae fuel plant? And who is building them, what tax credits are involved? Is there a blueprint for people to produce algae fuel at home? We have to empower ourselves here, and Fuel is as good an impetus as any to fan the flames of enlightenment on this pressingly critical global matter. Let's burn the Big 3 and buy out biodiesel, America!