02/07/2014 11:54 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Brooke Burke-Charvet Is Not Afraid to Take on the World... After Breakfast

The Sundance Film Festival had another successful year, adding a well-deserved notch to the independent film bedpost, and Park City had no shortage of celebrities as diverse as the movies that graced the screen. Braving the cold -- which this year, was mild by most accounts -- was Brooke Burke-Charvet, who has stolen hearts and epic ratings as the co-host of "Dancing With The Stars." With her gentle charm, she is not only stunningly beautiful, but she radiates a sense of self-confidence wrapped in genuine humility. She is truly a modern woman, balancing work and family without apology. She is also dedicated to healthy living and eats with a desire to feed both her body and soul to meet each day with a sense of excitement as well as the energy needed to take on a multiplicity of roles and responsibilities.


Photo Credit: Todd Williamson, Invision Agency

Joshua Estrin: What did you think of The Sundance Film Festival this year?

Brooke Burke-Charvet: It was fantastic. So much positive energy, including Mother Nature. The weather was warm for Sundance and everyone was in such a good mood. I could not have asked for a better experience.

JE: Do you think the phrase "Celebrity Mom" gets a bad rap?

BBC: I am a modern mom and I do think the word/phrase 'celebrity' can throw people off and set things spinning in an entirely different direction. Like so many women, I am a mother first and foremost, as my children and family mean everything to me. I deal with universal issues and I know what it means to be part of a blended family, getting the kids off to school, etc. As a result, I am not out of touch nor will I hide my 'celebrity' as it is my job. Clearly, this does not make me any more or less of a mom just a women who has the best job(s) in the world. For the record, when I have the opportunity to stay at home and spend time with the kids it is not glamorous... Sweatpants reign supreme and it is truly a family affair.

JE: Tell me about your collaboration with Quaker at Sundance.

BBC: My project and the movie at Sundance with Quaker was an easy partnership, as I try my best to live and eat mindfully and healthfully. Oatmeal has been a part of my life forever. So many people talk about needing more time in the day and I understand that, but I also believe we can look at it another way... With more energy, we can get more done in the time we have and breakfast is part of what gives me the energy to get from one end of the day to next. As a modern mom and modern woman, I need to make decisions about my work and family constantly and I can't do that if my mind and body are starving.

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