10/18/2012 07:33 pm ET Updated Dec 18, 2012

Jill Zarin Needs to Stop Complaining

While I rarely share my opinion and rather choose to stick to the facts. I find myself compelled to offer my thoughts on the recent appearance of ex Real Housewife Jill Zarin on the hugely successful What Happens Live with host Andy Cohen.

Over 1.3 million viewers tuned in to see what? Surprise! Zarin still angry and needing to discuss the reasons she was fired as well as whether the network played favorites.

While no one likes to get fired and no one likes to feel unappreciated, Jill seems to hold steadfast to a grudge with no less tenacity than a Pitbull. Having exhausted her 15 minutes of fame over and over (and over) again it strikes me that she has acted less like a socialite and more like a mean girl.

With less than stellar rating this season, Jill contends that Bravo "should bring back me, Alex and Kelly and fire Carole [Radziwill] and Heather [Thompson]. Whoever was responsible for this disaster, should be fired," she said, adding, "I feel vindicated."

Vindicated? If that's the case why is she back on the airwaves bemoaning her terrible fate? As for a rehire... I have to wonder why is she begging to return to a group of people (the Bravo network) that clearly no longer wants her.

With a thriving business and a seemingly loving family Zarin has had more than a few opportunities to take the high road and yet she continues to live in a constant state of self-pity where she positions herself as a victim of a horrible wrong doing.

Why am I so angry? Admittedly Jill is not the first scorned reality star to be upset when the limelight shifts and she is no longer in the spotlight, but enough is enough. As a successful businesswoman, mother and wife she simply needs to let go, move on and show some grace, class and humility.

Bravo was a wild ride and when she was no longer the cause célèbre the network made a decision. Was it fair and was it just? Who knows and who cares, but isn't it time that Ms. Zarin stop playing the victim and simply keep quiet and move on with her life?