09/12/2014 10:46 am ET Updated Nov 12, 2014

National Guacamole Day: It's Not Easy Being Green

September 16th marks a very important day of the year, National Guacamole Day. Clearly it goes without saying that this is a time to rejoice, yet do any of us take the appropriate amount of time to pay homage to the plight of one of this planet's most misunderstood fruits?

As we emerge as a culture desperately trying to look beyond the surface, beyond judging a book by its cover and instead, embrace a new millennium truth that green is the new black and ugly is the new pretty; guacamole remains a marginalized citizen at best.

Take for instance the fact that deconstructed, the avocado while as much a part of nature's bounty as any other flora, ripens to perfection with a bumpy, dark and thick skin. But who of us does not have battle scars from a life fully lived? Unfortunately the avocado wears hers on the outside only to be ostracized by the sexier skin of the tomato.

Yes, salsa is sexy and guacamole is trapped in a body that does not reflect her inner beauty and versatility. Often served lumpy and forced to share the bowl and the limelight (literally) with more socially acceptable ingredients... She is secretly craved yet rarely publicly recognized. Soft and supple, creamy and compatible, this dip, condiment and salad deserves her day without apology.

We openly consume her in mass during Super Bowl Sunday. Embrace her roots during Cinco de Mayo and then we allow if not demand her to fade into the foodie shadows the rest of the year only to be acknowledged as an afterthought at parties and gatherings.

My beloved guacamole I step forward as a voice of equality and truth. You are beautiful, you are special and you are deeply admired. You bring joy to millions of taste buds every day and you are enough, you do enough and you mean enough to have this, your own day to stand proudly and bask in your own worth.

The journey from farm to table can be treacherous and life in the produce section can often be a lonely, cold and unforgiving existence marked by harsh lighting, constantly prodding hands and the ever-present snickers and glares from the more mainstream edibles.

Let this be the year we honor our avocados, as it is long overdue. Let this be the year we eat our guacamole without shame or remorse and revel in this gastronomic miracle. Let this be year we understand the plight of the avocado as she tirelessly works to be the best she can be and let us not forget the moving words of the humanitarian Kermit The Frog, "It's not easy being green... " god bless America and happy National Guacamole Day.