08/02/2012 06:28 pm ET Updated Oct 02, 2012

Volleyball Olympiad Destinee Hooker Loves Her Name

With the Olympics offering our nation so much to be proud of, it is refreshing to see that U.S. Olympic volleyball player Destinee Hooker is not letting her name or the childish antics of a few take away from her chance to experience an epic moment in history.

Hooker, who is annihilating her competition in the London games and is in large part the reason our indoor team is proudly undefeated, made it clear to haters and media alike that,

When it comes to my name, I honestly find nothing wrong with it. I love my name.

Still it raises some larger questions, as this name game is more fodder for the grade school lunchroom and has no real place on the court or anywhere else where world-class athletes are not only realizing their dreams, but also offering up some of the best entertainment this summer has seen in years.

Understandably, Destinee openly acknowledges that she is aware of the comments, jokes and banter but is keeping it all in perspective. Stating,

"It is my name, I own it with pride"

So how did this unique name come about? As with so many athletes and celebrities, this dynamic young lady comes with a story. Almost dying at birth, the 24-year-old had tenacity. She fought to live and win, and so inspired her father he felt the name Destinee was more than appropriate.

So many of our Olympic competitors walk the fine line between hardcore athletes and celebrities and therefore while childish, it is not a surprise that they become moving targets for unnecessary cruelty where only respect and admiration should prevail.

We are a country that has seen so much loss and human tragedy of late that it seems high time we end this silliness and takeover the world, one amazing American athlete at a time.