01/04/2007 10:18 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

But What Do You Really Think About Bush's Sudden Interest in Decifit Reduction?

Quite the candid assessment, tucked in the Washington Post's news item:

In trying to adopt such ambitions as his own, Bush hopes to regain the
initiative after his party lost Congress in November and to counter his
reputation as a president who took a budget surplus and turned it into
record deficits, analysts said. Bush has never proposed a balanced
budget since it went into deficit, never vetoed a spending bill when
Republicans controlled Congress and offered little sustained objection
to earmarks until the issue gained political traction last year.

Emphasis mine, and no criticism here. It's refreshing to see some front page information not couched in that middling language of having "both sides" of a clear, one-sided issue represented, or hedged by attribution to "some observers say." Facts are facts. You don't have to back away from them. If they make it seem like Bush is on the bandwagon, well...