01/15/2013 10:41 am ET Updated Mar 17, 2013

Iowa Education Reform Plan, Texas Budget Fight: Ed Today

Ed Reform Coming To Iowa? Iowa Gov. Terry Brandstad is planning a big, $187 million push on education this year, reports KCRG. "We have many good schools with committed educators, but they are stuck in a system designed for the 20th century, not the 21st century. I am ready to invest significant resources into these educational reforms, which truly have the power to dramatically raise achievement," Branstad said. "I do not believe we should spend even one minute discussing additional resources to prop up our current educational structure until we have first agreed on the reforms our children need."

Ed Budget Fight In Texas? Members of the Texas legislature are calling for slight increases to education funding, according to CBS Local. But Gov. Rick Perry (R) has other ideas. According to the report, he's focused on cutting taxes.

California Testing Movement Questioned? Last week, we noted that an education official in California wanted to suspend standardized testing in certain grades. But now, John Deasy, who heads the Los Angeles Unified School District, is expressing his objections. According to a letter Deasy wrote to the state, the move "has implications for school districts in working with our most at-risk populations." It would also get in the way of implementing federally-greenlighted plans for kids whose first language isn't English.

Common Core Demand? According to a new "Simba" report, the combination of old materials and technologies used in modern-day classrooms means that schools and teachers need new curriculum materials if they're going to properly implement the Common Core State Standards. "While demand is high, states and schools are still working with cuts in spending in both state and local budgets that remain very tight," said Kathy Mickey, senior analyst and managing editor of the Education Group at Simba Information. "There will be some tough decisions made this spring."

Guns On Their Way To Colorado Schools? A bill proposed by the Colorado GOP "would give school boards the authority to allow employees of the district to carry a concealed handgun in the buildings and on school grounds -- if the employee has a permit to carry," reports Westword's Sam Levin.