10/30/2008 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Meet 425 of My Obama Sisters from the East End

Something special happened in my community last weekend, and I'm posting this as an invitation for other communities out there to consider doing something similar.

Over an earlier dinner, some men and women had been discussing the truly surreal selection and ascendance of Sarah Palin, when cinematographer, Philippe Cheng, said he envisioned "a sea of women's faces" standing in opposition to the current Republican platform. From there, collaboration began to actualize his vision.

What resulted a week later was a gathering for a video shoot of more than 425 women of different backgrounds -- women in their 80s, little girls and girls in their teens, and every age in between -- standing together in support of Obama. Some mothers brought their sons, and many men participated in one way or another.

The video will appear on YouTube soon to help gather steam for the Obama campaign in these final weeks, but in the meantime, here are some photos that capture the spirit.







Photo credits: Francois J. Bourdrez (first three), (all others).

Through the momentum of the East End Women for Obama shoot, women became even more determined to participate in being agents of progressive change. They signed up to volunteer locally; to phone or travel to swing states; to help college students register to vote through Vote Today Ohio ; to take action with ; and to announce or create the latest local fundraising events -- including yard sales and functions accepting any contribution from $1.00 and up.

I felt honored to be in this sea of women, especially women older than myself, who helped make the quality of life I enjoy possible. And I felt a sense of community in raising my daughter among these women as she gradually becomes aware that she'll inherit this responsibility to vote, to nurture her country, and to protect her own mind, body, and voice.