08/29/2012 12:50 pm ET Updated Oct 29, 2012

Live From the 2012 Paralympic Games

It's time! The Paralympics are beginning. Where to watch?

The world's second largest sporting event, the Paralympics, begins today. The U.S. has sent 227 athletes to the games, each of them hoping to bring home the gold. It is as emotional, gripping and exciting as any sports event you will ever see. And the team here at WGBH's Medal Quest will be here to tell you all about it, with as much up to the minute, inside info possible.

Medal Quest has been reporting live from London since Monday, two days before Opening Ceremonies. We'll have descriptions of what's happening and what it feels like to be there cheering, photos from the arenas, stats like who won and how fast they went, more -- and we'll be posting new video every day after the Games start. We will follow our athletes completing their personal "medal quests" on the blog and video pages, and also on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Join us!

Here are some others of your viewing options for Games and events:

During the Games there is no live broadcast in the U.S. England is live broadcasting on its Channel 4 (UK) channel and other countries are live broadcasting, too, but America just isn't. Instead, you'll need to look to cable or online.

NBC will offer highlights on its NBC Sports Network cable channel on three nights during the Games, September 4, 5, and 6, and one night after, September 11. (They'll also broadcast a wrap-up program on their Sunday afternoon sports programs on September 16.) These programs will also be shown on Universal Sports Network and

All other viewing options are online only.

Some other options for info:

The U.S. Olympic Committee will offer video highlight packages each night during the Games on its YouTube channel.

The International Paralympic Committee will offer video streams on Their streams will be on a range of sports and athletes, not necessarily events with Team USA competitors.

If you are looking for information without video, you can look online at the London Paralympics site. This is another great way you can keep up on winners, medal tallies, and other up-to-the-minute information.

All of us at Medal Quest, as well as our media partners (and the Huffington Post), are excited to bring you action, live from the games. Join us as we root on the team.

Check back later this week, when we take a look inside the Olympic Village and profile some of the team's top contenders.