11/18/2010 09:19 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

This Week's Shining and Falling Stars: Susan Boyle and Katy Perry

Shining Star -- Susan Boyle


Who thought that more than a year after Susan Boyle became a YouTube sensation with her appearance on Britain's Got Talent that we'd actually still be talking about her? And even though we can't find one person who admits to buying her latest album, The Gift, it apparently sold about 300,000 copies this week!

Boyle is expected to take the number-one spot on the album sales charts again this week, after debuting atop the chart last week. The Scottish singer also showed the youngins a thing or two. Boyle, who's 49 and not exactly known for her fashion sense, sold about 100,000 more albums this week than the uber hot singer from Barbados, Rihanna.

Just goes to show you don't have to sex up your image to sell some albums. Although Boyle in a Rihanna-esque bikini probably wouldn't send her CD's flying off the shelves.

Falling Star -- Katy Perry


Call it a case of cleavage overkill.

Katy Perry has no problem getting press. From her marriage to British bad boy Russell Brand, to her chart-topping hits, the "Teenage Dream" singer makes headlines on a regular basis. But it seems that more often than not, the top story about Perry is about her being, umm, top heavy.

This week's mammary-minded tale comes courtesy of Us Weekly. The celebrity mag has the "exclusive" details of how a VH1 promotional ad featuring Perry had to be Photoshopped to reduce the size of the 26-year-old entertainer's décolletage. An Us Weekly source puts it bluntly, "Her team thinks her boobs look too big."

Other chest-centered stories this year involving Perry include: endless items about her "California Gurls" video (in which she dons a whipped cream-spewing bra), an online uproar over a low-cut outfit she wore on "Sesame Street," and the super tight Elmo t-shirt she wore on a Saturday Night Live appearance.

Maybe it's time for Perry to give her breasts a break and tell her PR team to put the kibosh on any article about her 34D's. Even though she keeps them covered (for the most part), they're suffering from major overexposure.

Originally appeared on Starpulse.