07/31/2015 11:55 am ET Updated Jul 31, 2016

5 Tips for Making New Girlfriends

Have you ever caught yourself thinking that you could really use some new girlfriends?

Maybe you've moved for a job, outgrown your old circle of friends, recently ended a relationship, or just looked up one day and realized you just didn't have many.

You are not alone sister! Almost every woman I've talked to agrees that they'd love more friends, but have a hard time finding and making new friends as an adult.

Because I feel that life is that much sweeter with good girlfriends, I've put together a list of my top five tips for making new girlfriends.

1. You have to make an effort.

If this is something you want, make the commitment to yourself to put in a little work. It might take some time to find women you truly click with, but I promise they're out there.

2. Find new ways to get more involved.

Hop online to find local meet ups or online groups full of people with similar interests. Fitness meet ups are huge, but you can also find a Facebook or group for just about any hobby or interest. Volunteering is also a great way to get started.

3. Follow-up.

If you meet someone, take the next step and make follow-up plans. Find something neutral like coffee or a cute wine bar, or maybe take a walk to explore a neighborhood in your area. Forget about your fear of rejection here. The odds are, she's most likely looking for new friends as well.

4. Schedule your girl time and don't flake out.

It's important to set a date so no matter how busy we get, we still make time for our friends. Take turns making the plans so that nobody feels like they are doing all the work.

5. Make space for the good ones.

If you aren't vibing with someone, whether its an old friend or someone you've just met, stop putting in the effort. It's honestly not worth it. Freeing up more time and energy allows you to connect with the really awesome women you need to meet.

If you have any additional tips, I'd love for you to share them below.