02/02/2008 08:04 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

An Open Letter to Senator Hillary Clinton

Dear Senator Clinton,

You have had many chances to revise your story about your terrible vote to authorize President Bush to attack Iraq. Others in the Senate, 23 Senators as I recall, voted to not grant him that authority. Since that time several other Senators have openly regretted their vote for invasion, including three Democrats who ran against you for the 2008 nomination and one who was the Democratic standard-bearer in 2004. Maybe their public misgivings sank their candidacies. Maybe that is your calculated judgment.

Is it that you don't have misgivings about your vote, or that you are fabricating history to support your vote and have no intention of backing down about it. At one point you claimed that you simply believed your President. Gosh. If this is the case you will continue to inspire Obama supporters to send him more money. And if you count on winning them over after getting the nomination you will be in for a surprise.

Why not acknowledge that people learn from mistakes. In fact, they are wiser than those who claim always to have been right - like Obama does now and McGovern did a generation earlier. You can say you believe in reparation, that you have a moral responsibility to remedy the damage your vote caused. You can say that is why you must be elected, not just to clean up the mess made by Bush, but the mess to which you actively and even avidly contributed. In saying that you will clean up your own mess you will be winning support of many more voters because you will show, not just say, that you have integrity.