07/12/2013 07:12 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

5 Love Story Locations Brought to Life

(Photo Courtesy of Shutterstock/ThomasPyttel)

Our favorite romantic movies and novels have the ability to whisk us away to these magical lands where two people just can't bear to be without one another. You ask yourself "where in the world are these love-provoking locations and how do I get there?" Then you realize these places aren't so far away and mysterious after all -- Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan made sparks fly in New York City and Scarlett O'Hara was fighting for her happy ending near Atlanta. Turns out these fabled affairs occur in places you are well aware of and might have visited before. And even though these stories are fictional, the romance that can be found in these cities is very real.

By Tara Imperatore

Fabled Love Story Locations