02/19/2012 10:36 am ET Updated Apr 20, 2012

The Best Fantasy Camps For Grownups (PHOTOS)

Next vacation, you may be relaxing on a sun lounger, somewhere tropical, or maybe spending a couple weeks in the Hamptons.

But check this out: The guy in the office next to yours is going to be dancing on Broadway. No, this isn't merely something you might dream after an unsettling late-night meal. As fantasy camps for grownups become a fast-growing and ultra-luxurious trend, people who fantasized 20 years ago of being a rock star, a Broadway singer, or a race car driver are paying tens of thousands of dollars to live those dreams and get access to their idols.

Maybe only for a week, and without a stadium full of fans, but in a setting that's close enough to pass for the real thing...if you squint just a little bit.