03/11/2015 03:03 pm ET Updated May 11, 2015

Dear Brand New Mommy

Kali Kasprzyk

Dear Brand New Mommy,

First of all, congratulations. The wait is over. I remember the flood of emotions when holding my oldest daughter for the first time (and that flood will not change if you have more). Enjoy soaking in your new family member and getting to know her right now.

I won't say "enjoy every moment," because in all honesty you won't. Some days you will want to cry, scream or just run away. And that is normal.

Remember to reach out to your circle -- family, friends or a trusted babysitter. You are on duty for this little person the rest of your life, so a break is normal -- ask for help when you need it.

Your body might not ever be the same, but that is OK. It is normal to have a "pouch," saggy butt or stretch marks. You grew and carried a human being for lots of months and birthed it. Seriously. Say that as your daily mantra and cut yourself slack.

You will feel the dreaded mom guilt at some point; this is a new feeling to add to the 100 you are already experiencing. It will never go away, just know that all moms feel it once in awhile and that it is normal.

Communicate your feelings. Journal, talk with an online community, have a phone call or text message session or face to face chat. It will do wonders for your well-being. You will realize you are not alone and that your feelings are normal.

Take advice with a grain of salt. You are your own person and will parent in your own way. You may question yourself and that is normal. Stand firm and do what is best for Baby, you, and your little family. You will never regret.

Stay true to yourself. This might be the hardest task of them all. Even picking one thing you did pre-baby and sticking with it will make you feel better. You added "Mommy" to your list of titles, but are still you. Stay true and it is normal to take time away for that.

Above all, you are doing a great job, know that. You will doubt yourself at times, but stick to it new Mommy. You just took on the hardest, but most rewarding role in your lifetime.


A Fellow Mommy