07/19/2013 04:32 pm ET Updated Sep 18, 2013

The Blow Dry Meditation

Let's face it: We are all so busy, and though we all should meditate, carving out the time can be problematic.

As a mother of two small children, wife and talk show host, it's a daily struggle to stay soul-centered when so many things pull us to the latest fire burning in our day.

Fortunately, my job helps me connect with gurus who yearn to help us regular folk learn how to balance. When I interviewed psychic medium John Edward about his book Infinite Quest, he stressed we all need to meditate to shield ourselves from the daily onslaught of negative energy that can make us feel like we are living in a real life poltergeist.

At least he was a practical guru who says we can all meditate while we do something we already do every day. Does that make you multitaskers smile? Hold on -- I do not mean meditate while you surf social media or take out the trash. Your brain is too active in that state. Edward suggested the shower, but I have found meditating while you blow dry your hair is the perfect mix of white noise to drown out distraction, and heat to make you feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside. When you get that way your brain naturally hops off the fight or flight road and settles into the calmer, wiser state we want. Also people, like your spouse, children or cat tend not to bug you when you are in a bathroom blowing your hair. Bathrooms are modern day sacred space, so why not get some Zen while we are there?

Behold: Here is my Blow Dry Meditation.

1. Sit down and take a deep breath.
2. Affirm "I AM peaceful" as you plug in the dryer.
3. Focus on the sounds of the dryer and feel the hot air blowing on you... really feel it. This is called grounding and just helps you be present in the moment.
4. Imagine warm, white light cascading down the top of your head and filling you up -- your neck, chest, legs and finally out through your toes. (You can pick any color light you want, but gurus will tell you white light is the vibration of unconditional love, and who doesn't want to feel that!)
5. Breathe in when you lift your arm, exhale as you run the brush down your hair.

I happen to have long curly hair that I blow straight for TV, so with each tug on the brush I affirm all is peaceful. As my mind wanders away from the nozzle and onto my to do list, I gently bring it back with my blow dry mantra "just be." Imagine just blowing the thoughts away.

For me this process takes about 15 minutes. Though I was always envious of wash-and-go girls, I now treasure my obligatory time with the dryer.

If your daily matrix involves a blow dryer, why not surrender your stresses as your smooth your tresses? As I seal in the finished look with some anti-humectant pomade I imagine sealing myself with love and protection. I am shielded from both humidity and negativity.

I am ready to go be a modern day mystic -- turning the daily grind into the daily divine.
What you do to invite grace into everyday moments?