05/10/2012 04:01 pm ET Updated Jul 10, 2012


Brangelina, Bennifer, Bennifer II, Speidi, TomKat. Bring them on... In the age of 140 characters or less, these nicknames are a blessing. Let's face it, saying "and" can be a nuisance and the "'n'" thing seems too hokey. Blended names are fun fun fun. I would like to pitch some of these real and fictional couple monikers to historical text and literature criticism.

See if you get following references to real (and fictional couples)

• Adeve
• Jabigail
• Markepatra
• Guinelot
• Tristolde
• Romeiet
• Odysselope
• Jochantas
• Spencarine
• Scarlrhett
• Walliward
• Napolephine
• Evolph
• Frelinor
• Juavita
• Friego

Answer key:
Adam & Eve; John & Abigail Adams; Mark Antony & Cleopatra; Guinevere & Lancelot; Tristan & Isolde; Romeo & Juliet; Odysseus & Penelope; John Smith & Pocahontas: Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn; Scarlett and Rhett, Wallis Simpson & King Edward VIII, Napoleon & Josephine, Adolph Hitler & Eva Braun, Franklin & Eleanor Roosevelt, Juan & Evita Peron; Frieda Kahlo & Diego Rivera

I got carried away and I feel compelled to suggest couples that should happen -- if only to sell a few copies of People Magazine.

• Degenarosa
• Coultermann
• Hillorum
• Clayvolta
• Gibsomeir
• Trumpsevelt
• Maddashian
• Limbama
• Kevorkingale

Answer key:

Ellen DeGeneres & Omarosa; Keith Olbermann & Ann Coulter; Hillary Clinton and Rick Santorum; Clay Aiken and John Travolta; Mel Gibson & Golda Meir, Donald Trump & Eleanor Roosevelt; Rachel Maddow & Kim Kardashian; Rush Limbaugh & Michelle Obama; Jack Kevorkian & Florence Nightingale