11/25/2014 02:24 pm ET Updated Jan 25, 2015

Dream, Girl: Three Power Notes to Women for a Happy and Healthy 2015


Six months ago I began coaching a
beautiful woman
who looked ugly.
Her clothes were too big.
Her hair like a bird's nest.

She told me:
I feel paralyzed.

Over the years I have learned that
when a woman says
"I'm paralyzed"
this is code for
"I've stopped dreaming."

Stopped dreaming?

With the new year approaching,
and a seismic shift in consciousness
spreading throughout the world
making women feel this
odd combination of
really, really tired
and super energized,
it's important to take a moment
to reframe what's necessary
to make shift happen.

Shift meaning a happy life,
of course.

So here's my power prescription
for every woman:

Dream, Girl

Women need caves.
Women need sleep.
Women need dreams.

Are you ready to go into your cave
to sleep and dream more
in 2015?

Dreams remind us of what we can do.
Dreams urge us to stay open.
Dreams connect us to

When your spirit is
nothing seems possible.

This is normal.
Deep in every transition
there comes a
paralyzing moment
when we think
nothing is possible.

I am here to tell you:
everything is possible.
I am here to whisper:
You can.

You are brave
and beautiful.
Darkness is only temporary.
I know you are awake.

In 2015 I urge you to consider:
How awake can you be?
How can you hold everything
just as it is
in 2015?

It's in holding it all
without attachment
that we hold nothing.
And that's when the dream
truly begins.

So what is dreamtime
and how do you prepare?

There are waking dreams,
and nighttime dreams
and everything in between.

Perhaps life is even a dream.

Here are three power notes
I invite you to consider
to awaken the
dreamer in you.

The world needs
women who dream.

1. Power comes from what you don't know about yourself .

If you're eagerly awaiting wisdom,
you may be wasting your time.
Instead of trying to know yourself better
or grasping for a download of wisdom
that will ease your mind,
try the practice of not knowing.

Yogis call this a timeless state of being.
Every woman I know
including myself
finds it hard to remain timeless.
That's why meditation is so helpful.
It brings you back to a timeless state
and this opens the door
to a magical dream world.
A world of possibility.

What if you knew nothing
and simply remained curious?
Ironically, every time when I see a woman do this
she begin to relax and feel carefree and expansive.

A timeless state of being is playful, healing
and there's no judgment.
How about more timeless living in 2015?

2. Power is knowing you are enough.

You're always looking for yourself,
but you are perfect just as you are.
You are enough.

The moment the woman who felt paralyzed
got more rest
she began to dream
and move away from
having to be a certain way.
She could be true to her own intentions.
That's when she heard these words:

"I am grounded, authentic,
and trust my gut."

Of course they'll be moments you
second-guess yourself,
they'll be days when you feel tight
in your heart and don't trust your gut,
but ultimately when you know
you're enough
this always steers you back to living
the dream.

3. Power is turning Soul-less into Soul-Yes.

Unless your soul says yes, the answer is no.
Dreams connect us with our soul.
But once we're there we've got to listen
Or else we're living a soul-less life.

It's so easy to dream and then
go back to busy
and forget the Yes in our soul.
You must dream,
but the next step is to turn that
Soul "Yes" medicine
into reality.
You are safe.
The medicine to make your
dreams come true is there.
You must go.

So ready to dream?

It's a rare moment for women
in today's fast-paced world
to stop and welcome
the dream.
Some dreams will come to you
in darkness.
Others in daylight.

Whenever the dream comes
receive it like a

Dreams remind us
we're on a journey.
Always being held.

You are held.
Anything is possible.

Here's to living the big dream in 2015.

I'd love to hear what the dream
looks like for you in the new year.
Let's chat below