02/03/2015 01:39 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Self-Love Gremlins


Today, although their is a great deal of discussion about self-love, many of us have spent many years invested in hating ourselves, or at the very least being our own harshest critics.
Learning to truly love ourselves means being mindful of the way we speak to ourselves and treat ourselves on a daily basis.

How many times are you calling yourself stupid, fat, ugly, wrong and/or telling yourself you are not enough? STOP speaking to yourself this way, starting this second!!!

How many times is the media telling you that you are stupid, fat, ugly, wrong, not enough, that you don't have the right deodorant, wrinkle cream, clothing, car, etcetera? Stop believing the media!

How many times are allegedly well meaning friends and family telling you that you are stupid, fat, ugly, wrong, and/or you are not enough, because they do not know how to truly love themselves, let alone you? Stop believing these friends and family now!

There are so many negative messages around us, and it is only though mindfully and consciously eliminating them from our thoughts, that we can find the path to self-love.

Years ago I would refer to my body as fat, wrong, disgusting, too big, and ugly so many times a day, it was as natural as breathing.

It never helped me lose weight or keep weight off, no matter how thin I became, instead it put me at odds with my body, food and my hunger.

Likewise, I used to tell myself I was not good enough in every other area of my life and it did not help, it paralyzed me with fear that I would never be good enough.

Anything I have accomplished, including beginning to truly love myself, has required me to believe I was good enough.

Let's begin the month of February by celebrating loving ourselves, by speaking and thinking kindly of ourselves. Have a large-sized day!