02/01/2012 07:17 pm ET Updated Apr 02, 2012

Faces of Liga

Liga International is a group of volunteers who travel to Mexico to provide free medical care. This group of people is just not ordinary volunteers, they are true angels. They are made up of dentists, doctors, pilots, nurses, and other staffs who not only give their time and energies, but they also give their hearts. On the first Friday of every month, Liga travels to El Fuerte Mexico to give out medical supplies and free medical care to hundreds of patients. There are three clinics in operation, El Fuerte, San Blas, and El Carisio. Examples of medical care given are repair of cleft palates, cleft lips, hernia operations, club foot repair, general dentistry, and general medical care. They also travel to Tijuana to provide medical care. Here are some of the amazing examples of care these angels have provided:

A boy came into the San Blas clinic with a club foot. The foot was so distorted that he could barely put any pressure on it. He was taken to surgery and a podiatrist immediately went to work. He began removing tendons with precise care and each tendon he took out you could immediately see a big difference in the boy's foot. After four hours the boy's foot was sewn up and it was good as new. The boy stayed in recovery for a day and then went home. He had to have some physical therapy, but he will be able to walk with both feet now.

A fifteen year old girl came in with her newborn baby. The baby was barely two weeks old and was so tiny that all of the staff thought it was a doll. It turns out the baby could not eat because it had a cleft pallet in its throat. Once it was determined what was wrong, the baby was rushed into emergency surgery. At the end of the day the surgeon came out with the baby drinking from a bottle like nothing had ever happened. That baby's life was saved due to the great skills of the surgeon.

A grandfather came in with his two year old grandson. The grandson's skin was literally falling off. No one knew what was wrong with the child. Finally it was determined that the boy had a niacin deficiency, a diagnosis that had not been seen in America in twenty years. A lot of the people in Mexico are so poor; they cannot afford to feed their children a proper diet. The little boy was given niacin tablets and vitamin rich formula. He's doing a lot better today.
Liga International provides a true service to the people of Mexico. Without the medical care these altruists provide, a lot of people would not live the healthy lives they are living today.