06/22/2008 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

That You Rumi? A Father's Day Visitation

During my last trip to New Orleans I noticed that a pile of sheets which looked perfectly normal during the day resembled 13th Century Persian poet Rumi once the light changed -- as clear as grilled cheese Jesus. 2008-06-14-rumi.png My husband was on tour in Germany near the Frankenstein castle, so he didn't need any more odd news.

By the time the next guests came through I showed them why the clean sheets were still unfolded and they also thought that the image was uncanny.

Then they made the bed.

New Orleans is the most spiritual city in the United States with a cottage industry in ghost tours, so no one found sheet Rumi all that unusual. I forgot all about the incident until, with Father's Day approaching, this post from last year came to mind:

The Ocean Moving All Night

Stay with us. Don't sink to the bottom like a fish going to sleep.
Be with the ocean moving steadily all night, not scattered like a rainstorm.
The spring we're looking for is somewhere in this murkiness

See the night-lights up there traveling together, the candle awake in its gold dish.

Don't slide into the cracks of the ground like spilled mercury.
When the full moon comes out, look around.

- Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Balkhi-Rumi

Even if it was only a well placed stack of linens and not a whirling dervish, Rest In Peace Dad.