03/13/2014 10:32 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Grey's Anatomy 'Throwing it All Away' Recap: Who's the Chief Around Here?

Note: Do not read on if you have not seen Season 10, Episode 15 of ABC's "Grey's Anatomy," titled "Throwing It All Away."


Things are a little tense over here, but that's when these guys are at their comedic best. And we resolved some ongoing drama.

Let's start small:

  • Stephanie finally boiled over considering Jackson and April. After running into him with a gurney (by accident, people!), she finally gets to put him in his place. She tells him that she's letting him go. And doesn't give Avery or April a chance to feel noble about apologizing, which is really the most important part. Hear her roar.
  • Meredith teases Derek about his project and having to ditch research with Callie. It's sickly sweet how they resolve their conflicts.
  • My favorite couple, Yang and Owen, get some chemistry, after all of this time. It's flirty-friendly and adorable. I'm so curious as to how they are going to close that story out. You know how when you break up with someone and people tell you to give it time, and maybe you'll be able to be friend again? They are sort of the proof of concept. With a little drunk sex thrown in here and there.
  • Jo and Karev are in trouble. She's moved to a different department and Karev is suspended for three days. When Meredith tries to help him out by bringing up a "love contract," which he and Jo could sign and avoid trouble -- he balks. He doesn't want to pressure Jo into officiating their relationship after his marriage proposal and brings up Izzy. You know how when you break up with someone and they start to haunt you? That's Karev and Izzy. He's met his match with Jo, it's refreshing that she's focused on moving forward with her career instead of settling into a relationship just because it's there.
  • That's what Callie and Arizona keep doing. With the move, a pediatric amputation to perform, and Leah Murphy on their brains, Callie and Arizona have had it. Just when I thought they were going to be able to break it off and move on -- 'throw it all away,' as it were -- they don't. They pull out the running sneakers and get all nostalgic and cheesy. I'm not an amputee, but one thing about Arizona that I respect is how her character has dealt with the one leg situation. She demonstrates how tough it is, how ridiculous it can be, and has a sense of humor about peoples reactions to it. When her and Yang find a moment together and talk about the plane crash, I was brought right back to it. It was honest, authentic, and touching. And bittersweet, because I feel like they are giving Christina all this time to bind with people, be her best self in preparation for her departure. And her best hair -- it has been looking awesome as of late.

This was sort of a filler episode, wrapping up all of the unresolved issues from the mid-season premiere. Best moment? Weber yelling at Yang: "I am, and will always be the Chief!" Touché, sir. It makes me sad because I feel like Weber referencing his chiefdom and Karev's mention of Izzy is all a secret way to mentally prepare us for the return of Burke for Christina's farewell. Will you keep watching without Yang?

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