07/07/2013 11:54 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'True Blood' Recap: The Most Hysterical Season Yet

Note: Do not read on if you have not yet seen Season 6, Episode 4 of HBO's "True Blood," titled :At Last."

I may not be able to catch character names right away, but I'll be darned if I didn't have a feeling about Ben.

That's right. He revives Jason with his blood after the showdown from last week, without Sookie or Niall being the wiser. But we knew. Sookie knows. And Jason feels it. After an erotic shaving dream, Jason is a bit weirded out, much like all of us were judging by Twitter. After his post-workout snooze, he storms into the kitchen for some breakfast like Cosmo Kramer to Niall's Jerry. They put two and two together. Ben is Warlow, and he's half vamp and half fairy.

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That's why Bill was able to talk to Lilith in the sunlight. This is the future.

Or so we're led to think. Instead of spilling, Ben glamours Jason, bidding him to return to his normal, old self. Of course, Jason obliges. Niall's not so lucky. After sinking his teeth in, Ben officially comes out as Warlow to Niall, just before throwing the fairy king back through the portal on the bridge. He manages to make it to Sookie's fried chicken dinner just in time for the silver poison she put into that tasty looking slaw to really sink in. Ben-low wants to make little fairy babies -- and who can blame him with Sook in that little white dress? -- but she's ahead of the game.

Speaking of perfect white dresses, Eric finds Willa in her "Interview With a Vampire" nightgown and turns her. You can't say she didn't ask for it. Every other just-turned fanger wants to go home, but can't. Not Willa. Eric sends her packing to try to convince Daddy Burrell that vamps were people, too. He might have bought it, but Sarah Newlin is there to shoot her down and demand she be taken to the camps. This is interesting only because Nora was taken in by the anti-vamp SWAT team from Sookie's lawn. They got Pam, too. I was counting on her to get me through this season with her one liners, but this should give us hope. All of Eric's ladies will be in one place now. Cue the viking.

Andy's girls are all together as well, albeit in more dire straits. I thought those fairy babies were going to be nothing but comedic relief, but I was wrong (again). They turn into horrid little teenagers and raid Arlene's closet for a night on the town. Like Mama always said, nothing good happens after midnight, especially when you're buying cases of Natty Light. Jess lures them to Bill's place to party, where he proceeds to gank their blood and give it to the good scientist downstairs. While the Tru-Blood guru balks about the impossibility of synthesizing fairy blood because it mutates too quickly, the babysitting gig is getting too much for Jess. They complain that Bill's a creep (preach it!), try to leave, and Jess flips like a rabid dog. She sucks them dry and Bill is not happy about it. But they aren't dead, right? I thought fairies disintegrated.

And, of course, Sam and the VUS girl make out in a dingy motel room after he shifts into a steed and sends Emma with Lafayette, which is a good decision, because LaLa has a first aid kit in his car.

I know we all miss simpler days, hotter vampire sex, and Richard Edgington, but this season is hysterical so far. Jason and Andy are back on the same team, Eric's got his smirk back, and Sookie's on her way to kicking butt. My only complaint? Where's Alcide? And can we see him without having to deal with Sam?

"True Blood" airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on HBO.

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