08/13/2010 03:14 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Success in the City: Leveraging Your Brilliance

Did you know that right now, right this moment you have the ability with what you already have to leverage your own personal brilliance in order to build your business?

Well, you do.

One of my favorite things to share with groups I speak to is about how their brain works. Often people claim that their processing capability is less than what I'm about to share with you but no matter how you slice it -- it is incomprehensible. The shame is that we don't always use it to leverage ourselves in our business. The fact is, we work way too hard.

Do you go through your day expecting to come across the million-dollar idea? (It's all relative - for some a million isn't going to cut it -- for others, it's over and beyond) Next question: Would you be able to recognize the million dollar idea if you saw it?

Most people say 'yes' at this point. I say it's not likely they would.

This is where we need to start to leverage what you already have -- your focus. The fact is, day in and day out, we tend to focus on what's in front of us and if we're in business or trying to make a quota -- what we're usually focused on is the problem.

C'mon, be honest and think about yesterday -- what did you spend most of your day thinking about? It's a rare bird that can say they were focused solely on the good that's happening around them.

The way our brain works means that whatever we're focused on, whatever messages we constantly feed it (which turn into beliefs) in turn sets off a mechanism that I compare to a huge radar dish that is constantly scanning the environment to prove us right. I'll repeat that - whatever we consciously choose to focus on - our brain looks for in order to prove us right....whether it's right or wrong.

Ever lose your keys temporarily?

When you did, you were likely muttering to yourself, 'I can't find my keys,' 'They're not here.' Notice what you're prompting your brain to do. You're prompting it to prove you right even though your subconscious mind can process over 400 billion bytes of information per second and it knows EXACTLY where your keys are -- it can't send your conscious mind that sensory information because it would be contradicting your focus that 'the keys are not here.'

It's the same with us at work. If we're constantly focused on the problem or the challenges that are facing us -- we will find them -- it cannot be any other way.

The great news is that you can leverage this knowledge and create an almost unfair advantage in your work and business. If you truly start to shift your focus to be expecting the million dollar idea to show up -- your subconscious will start to scan the environment for it. This is the first thing you can do to start leveraging your brilliance for your business. If the million dollar idea is there (and it is) if you keep your focus - you will have no choice but to see it.

This is just the start in leveraging your brilliance -- next, I'll share how the power of your story can attract all the business you want and how an amazing natural law proves that you can have what you desire for your self and your business.

Remember, if you want this to be easier, contact me and we can work together to make this process easier, faster and with great results!!

Karen Luniw is the author of Attraction in Action: Your How to Guide to Relationships, Money, Work and Health and is a coach who helps people break through blocks in their personal and business lives. For inspiration, check out her Top 10 Law of Attraction Tips for 2010 movie. There are huge clues in the movie to help you move further towards your goals.