02/20/2009 08:47 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

If At First You Don't Succeed... Stop And Catch Your Breath

Do you remember those old cartoons, with the coyote chasing the speedy roadrunner?

My belief: If the coyote had stopped to catch his breath, he would have caught that damn "Beep-Beep"ing roadrunner.

Everyone has a "roadrunner" in their life -- a goal which seems to escape them.

The irony: If you slowed down, cleared your desk, turned off your cell, and took some time off from all your chasing, you might see a better, smarter path to catch your "roadrunner."

Or you might even see you've changed -- or the world's changed -- and you don't even want to catch that damn roadrunner anymore. You simply got so used to chasing your "roadrunner," you forgot why you wanted to chase it -- and now in 2009 it's more relevant for you to go ferret-chasing instead.

To help increase your success, take some time to consider the following...

1. What are your deepest passions, values, immediate goals and long-erm life goals? Is your "roadrunner" still something which fulfills these -- or is it a ferret you need to be chasing? Whichever it is, read on.

2. Remember: If at first you don't succeed you're doing something stupid. Ask yourself: "Yo! What am I doing wrong?" Edison said he didn't make 10,000 mistakes on his way to making the lightbulb. He garnered 10,000 lessons. What are your 10,000 lessons?

3. Who do you need to meet who's had experience lasso-ing those "roadrunners"? Is there a "Roadrunner Catching Society" you can join?"

4. Do you need to plan how to catch your roadrunner in 10 steps - instead of 1 step? If so what 9 steps do you now need to plan and do -- until your final 1 step is only 1 step away?

5. Quiet down. Relax. And listen for those "beep-beeps" the roadrunner is making. When you're so busy running around, you can't hear those oft-times obvious "beep-beeps" which tell you exactly where and how to snag your "roadrunner."


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