05/26/2015 10:30 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Change Can Be Invigorating!

All the signs were pointing to a reverberating YES!

After 12.5 years with the same employer, things began to shift for me.

The 50-mile, one-way, "not a big deal" commute seemed to ramp up in traffic jams. The slight shift in professional challenges seemed to leave me feeling unfulfilled. Work values that drove me to exceed expectations and be 100 percent engaged came up short.

Sustained friendships with my warm and friendly co-workers kept me from moving on to a new career opportunity. Familiarity, security and comfort were the anchor that attached me to this "work family."

New chapters are so difficult. Is it a fear of failure or success that grabs on and won't release? Did I want to ride and glide until I reached retirement or did I want to make a bigger impact in an organization that desired me to assist in striving for greatness?

As serendipity would have it, just when I was feeling "antsy," I was contacted by a recruiter for a position that was totally aligned with my career aspirations.

Through the interview process, I felt the light within me change from a flicker to a full blown bonfire! The connection with my potential boss and co-workers was INVIGORATING! Our interactions seemed relaxed, inspiring and authentic.

My inner voice heard all the affirmations that I share with my coaching clients... "Believe, Visualize and Achieve!" "Follow your heart!" "Reach your highest potential!" It was time to listen to my own advice.

After I gave my notice, my co-workers touched my heart with sincere well wishes. I realized that they all contributed to the person I had become personally and professionally. The memories we created together will stay within us... I, in my new endeavor and they, in their future journeys.

When you are in a crossroad situation, remember, "Take the leap into the uncharted waters. It can be INVIGORATING!"