10/08/2014 05:49 pm ET Updated Dec 08, 2014

The Intense World of Flamenco in Southern Spain (Video)

It has been a dream of mine for years to go to Southern Spain to experience Flamenco. Growing up with the Gypsy Kings and hearing the music along my travels, there was something about the art form that called to my soul.

In this Travel with Kate episode, watch as I get to finally fulfill this dream of exploring the world of Flamenco in its birth place. The heart-wrenching melodies I encountered and the impassioned artists I found surpassed all expectations.

Helping me to delve right into the heart of Flamenco in Sevilla, Spain was the lovely, Maria La Serrana, a local dancer, teacher, and tablao owner.

So what do you think? Will you one day travel to Southern Spain to experience Flamenco for yourself? Or have you already made the trip?

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