01/02/2014 01:21 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

23 Children's Resolutions Worth Posting on the Refrigerator

It's January 2, and resolutions are all the talk. But on January 3, 4, 5... and for the rest of the year, it's a challenge to remember our resolutions, no less to build upon them. While at family camp over winter break, my 8-year-old daughter compiled a list of her own resolutions, together with the resolutions of other children. The kids truly say it best. So I am sharing their unedited list (which conveniently she created on my iPhone), in the words of our children, to help remind us throughout the year:

• Be patient.
• Play more sports.
• Keep my hair unknotty.
• Get along with my brothers and sisters better.
• Try to control my anger.
• Watch TV less often.
• Stand up for others.
• Be more healthy.
• Do not litter.
• Be more polite.
• Make more friends.
• Take a risk.
• Don't be afraid.
• Clean up.
• Be nice to bullies.
• Tell the truth.
• Hang out with everyone, not just your best friend.
• Feel free to ask for what you want.
• Don't always ask someone in your class, try to do it yourself.
• Don't be exclusive.
• Be reasonable.
• Be helpful.
• Be challenged.

I resolve to post this list, and to learn something every day from children. Wishing all a productive and happy 2014!


(c) 2013,, illustration by Jessica Churchill