11/24/2009 07:23 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Caught in the Act: Beverly and Dereck Joubert's Life Amongst Big Cats

Can you imagine living among lions and elephants in the Botswana bush? Or, what about photographing these amazing animals for a living, in their natural habitat and not behind the chain link fence of a zoo? That is exactly what partners Dereck and Beverly Joubert get to do every day. Working with National Geographic, the power couple use art and media to capture the wildlife that surrounds them, share its importance, and inspire others to take part in conserving our world and wildlife. Their photographs have influenced policy and people's perception of wildlife for over twenty-five years and epitomize exactly what it means to be a creative activist.

Last week, I attended the Environmental Media Association Awards and was drawn to the Joubert's upon first introductions. Having spent 12 years of my life as a journalist in Kenya, I had to learn more about what they do in the place they call home. I tracked them down a few days later in Santa Monica, California, in the midst of their promotional tour to find out what they are doing, how they do it, and how we can all help. These multiple award-winning filmmakers, photographers, writers, and conservationists took time to tell me all about their new book Eye of the Leopard, the Big Cat Initiative, the awareness they are creating around conservation tourism and the organization they have partnered with, Great Plain Conservation.

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