11/12/2013 09:35 am ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

6 Must Do's for Your Honeymoon

It's time to jet off to your honeymoon spot, but, not so fast! Before you go there are some essential tips we suggest you use for your special trip. Whether your packing for Hawaii or heading across the world, the suggestions we have for you will have you and your honey thanking us later!

For the best eating and activity recommendations - ask the locals! Travel books and magazines will have recs, but who better knows the hottest spots or tastiest hole-in-the-wall restaurants than the people who live there?!

Don't arrive with a set itinerary for each day. You've done enough planning with the wedding, so take a few days to play it by ear - sleep in, enjoy an extra long breakfast (especially if it comes with a view) and leave flexibility for spontaneous decisions.

Travel to a destination that can forever be your special honeymoon spot. In other words, if it's possible to go somewhere neither of you have ever been before - take that opportunity! That way both of your experiences and memories from that trip are tied to a special time in your life.

Stay in a room that doesn't have unlimited wifi. Yes, that means disconnect! We spend so much time tied to our electronics on a daily basis. Take that extra time to explore a new landmark or spend quality time with each other.

Set up a surprise for your spouse! I love when the groom contacts me to set up a surprise private dinner on the beach for his wife... or when the bride emails to arrange a private tour of a brewery for her beer-loving guy. This sweet gesture is sure to be a high light from the trip!

Find a way to incorporate your honeymoon into your daily lives. Whether that means taking a cooking class when you return from Italy so you can re-create your favorite pasta dish, or try stand up paddle boarding while honeymooning in Hawaii and then make a point to do it when you're back home. Or buy a piece of art during your trip to hang in your home. Then your honeymoon moments will be remembered in your everyday lives.

Mostly importantly, have fun! So much of the time we stress and worry about our perfect honeymoon, but just remember it doesn't get much better than being with your loved one in an amazing place. Bon Voyage!